About Jen

Born and bred in Tasmania, I’m an advocate for human rights and the environment.

Originally a nurse, I completed a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and worked for the Tasmanian department of health in health protection. I’m currently studying  law with RMIT and Open Universities Australia.

As an athlete, I’m known in the Tasmanian community for competing in ultra-marathon trail running events locally and internationally.

As a mother of two, I’m passionate about protecting the planet for current and future generations. In 2015, I raised awareness of climate change by running non-stop for 160km along the Port Davey and South Coast walking tracks. You can see my film at https://vimeo.com/128754833.

I feel strongly about encouraging more young people to be involved in politics, particularly around issues affecting their future like climate change, Medicare cuts and University fees.

Studying law and working in a variety of roles throughout my life means I have a strong understanding of the important, yet sometimes difficult balance between business and industrial relations laws. I am committed to insuring Australia gets this balance right.

I have lived, worked and traveled extensively overseas from a very young age, as such I have experienced a wide mix of diverse cultures and societies. In doing this I have realised how great Australia is. However I also realise the importance of ensuring Australia remains a happy place to live and continues to improve on its equality for all.

I’ve worked extensively with refugees and asylum seekers, and I’m keen to see compassionate federal policy that complies with international law.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family, running or walking in the wilderness, mountain biking, white water kayaking and soaking in new experiences.

My idols are:  Single parents, Professor Gillian Triggs and Tim Minchin.

I’m excited to represent the Greens as their candidate for Denison, and I’m grateful for your support.