The Greens - Tasmanian candidates 2016
picture - Peter Mathew

Born and bred in Tasmania, I’m a young mother of two who is passionate
about our environment and country. I know we can keep the things we love
and principles we hold dear – but we can’t take them for granted. I’m
deeply honoured to represent the Greens in this year’s federal election
for the seat of Denison, because we have the courage and vision to take
action on the things that matter.

My motivation is my children. I want my daughters to live in a future
with a stable and safe climate, in a clean energy economy that is
innovative and sustainable, in a country that respects human rights and
provides safer pathways to people seeking asylum.

With issues as vitally important as climate change, asylum seekers, and
a clean energy future – when the policy responses fall so far behind
what science, compassion, and common sense tells us – I couldn’t go to
another rally or hold another placard without taking a more decisive
step for the action we need. That’s why I decided to run for election as
a Greens candidate, because it’s our parliament that can make the
difference in leadership when we need it most.

My skills are diverse. Like Senator Nick McKim, I once worked as a
wilderness guide. Originally a nurse, I completed a Master of Public
Health and worked for state government in health protection. I’m
currently studying law. As an athlete, I’m known in the Tasmanian
community for competing in ultra-marathon trail running events locally
and internationally.

I feel strongly about encouraging more young people to be involved in
politics, particularly around issues affecting their future like climate
change, Medicare cuts and University fees. We need to improve the way we
do politics, to achieve real outcomes rather than cheap political
points, by putting people and a healthy environment at the centre of

In my 35 years, I’ve lived, worked and travelled extensively overseas. I
want to ensure Australia remains a happy place to live and continues to
improve on its equality for all.  I’ve worked with refugees and asylum
seekers, and I’m keen to see compassionate federal policy that complies
with international law.

With Hobart in gridlock, and Tasmania in an electricity crisis, the
message is clear that we must transform our urban design and public
transport, and become self-sufficient in clean and renewable energy. I
want to help lead that transition to a prosperous and sustainable new

Denison has yet to be represented in Federal Parliament by a woman or
the Greens. I’d love to change that.  I’m proud to represent you as your
Greens candidate for Denison, and I’m grateful for your support.

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